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I have something to confess.  I can be honest here, can’t I?  Sure I can.  You all will understand and lovingly support me, right?  I was a total SUCKER and purchased the FlipFold to help with folding my laundry.  I despise folding the clothes in the basket and the baskets sit there and taunt me until I relent and fold them.  Putting the clothes away is another topic but I’ll have to find another gadget to put them away.  So, I received my FlipFold and let me tell you, the angels sang, the birds chirped, and the clouds parted to reveal the sun AND my husband laughed at me.  I enjoy folding laundry now!  No lie!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         It is totally silly but I like how everything is the same width and it looks nice and clean in the drawers and closets (except for under garments and the like) but I love it and don’t mind sitting down now to tackle the baskets.  Phew…I feel better now.  I shared my deep, dark secret of my frivolous purchase.  I double dare you to try them.  Does anyone else have them?



Deborah said...

How do you use it? I've seen them, but I just can't figure out how they work?? You should see my laundry room, it's not pretty!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

I love this!!!


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