What a beginning

My wonderful husband must have seen that look in my eyes this morning of – please don’t leave me alone ALL day today.  He took off to work, so I thought, and returned a short time later with this for me!  Yes, the girls got a donut also but this is about ME.  : )  Isn’t this decadent?  Ooh, la, la.  What a wonderful way to start the day.  I am currently crashing from my sugar rush.  No lie.  I feel like taking a nap.  Anyway, I love my husband and that he thought of me this morning.

I loved being alone this weekend on my “business” trip.  It was amazing!  Every part of it was fabulous and I shall write a separate post and share some pictures.  It was also fun to come home and see two little faces and one handsome face smiling at me.  That was VERY fun.   More about that later.

We have been spending quite a bit of time in, at, and around the pool.  Pool?  HA!  It is a plastic pool about five feet across and sits on our deck.  It is perfect for my little girls and I don’t have to put on a swimming suit, which is just PERFECT!  I don’t even own one, truth be told.  No lie.   We even have a little play slide that goes into the pool and they think it is lots of fun!  They don’t need to know there are much bigger and fancier pools yet.  Really.  DON’T YOU DARE TELL THEM! 

Ok, so I guess they might know about other pools since we went to a “real” pool yesterday at my sister’s home.  I learned that my youngest one, Ashley, has NO fear of water.  At 20 months of age, she enjoys the water more than my four year old.  She didn’t want pool toys or anything.  Just give that girls a pair of water wings and watch her go.  I’m going to have to keep my eyes on her all the time!!!!

You enjoy your day and I’ll be back to share about my trip to North Carolina.  It seems like a year ago that I went and it has only been four days.  :::sigh:::

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