Mia couldn’t wait this morning to show Mark and I what she found yesterday while at Aunt Vicki’s house.  She and her cousin Ella, ran around in the forest with Vicki and gathered ALL kinds of things.  I remember the wonder of finding wonderful little treasures in the county when I roamed around.  Mia turned her little brown bag upside down onto the table and this is what was in her bag.  She had a beautiful piece of moss, twigs, precious little white flowers, pinecones, grass, and “onion grass”.  How fun to be so small and see the little beauty of life. 

What did I do yesterday you ask?  Well, thanks for asking.  : ) I worked and then I organized my corner of the office.  Packing supplies are now all nice and tidy, I purged myself of papers that I collected for no GOOD reason, and then organized my 2008 receipts and invoices into a box and then…um…I played!  It was fun to be with just Ashley.  I really enjoyed the refreshing change in our schedule!

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Hello! I am happy to say that I heart your blog and I am awarding you the One Lovely Blog Award! Stop by my blog for the details:)


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