GaGa for Lovies

Both of my girls have lovies.  You know, a little stuffed pet.  They carry them EVERYWHERE with them.  Mia’s lovie is disgusting well loved and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to keep that little lamb together.  I shall take pictures some day to show you her lovie but today, I thought I would show you this one.


Both of their stuffed animals came from Pottery Barn and have held up very well considering how much they are loved.  Ashley twirls the strings she has pulled out of the ends of the bunny’s feet and ears.  I wish I could capture her saying “Buie” = bunny.  She can’t say the n’s.  Try saying bunny without the n’s and that is how she pronounces it.  Adorable. 

My husband has been out of town since Wednesday and will be back soon.  We have had fun and enjoyed the girl time together (I think) and I enjoyed watching a movie all by myself last night into the wee hours of the morning.  :::giggle:::  I always think I’ll go to bed early but…I don’t.   

You all enjoy your fabulous Friday!  I LOVE Fridays and think I’ll run out and do a little shopping for a BIG mirror, a coffee maker, some groceries, and a fun drink from Starbucks.  Watch, I’ll probably come home with only groceries because someone lost it and started crying.  (Hopefully not me.)

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