Room With A View

This is our new room house with a view.  I stopped at a garage sale today, which I never do normally, and the girls spied this little house.  We don’t have a swing set and I have been wanting to get something for them to play on or in this summer and so, I paid a small sum of money and drug this home.  THEY LOVE IT!  It is in great condition and I look forward to many years of them playing in this little house.  In my mind I put a window box on it, a flower pot by the door and hung curtains in the windows.  No, I won’t do it but I was totally making the place cute for them in my mind. 



Mia is now four and has stopped her afternoon naps so she has quiet time during the afternoon.  Today she was especially quiet and I went up to check on her and this is what I saw.  A little girl curled up under her blanket, in front of her dollhouse, wearing gloves.   Now that is the definition of quiet time for sure!  I guess every now and then she still needs a nap. 


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southern queen bee said...

Visiting from Susie Haris Blog "Bienvenue".
Love your daughters view. I wish my kitchen view did not show so much yard work to be done. YUK.
Oh and I LOVE the gloves,so cute!!!

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