I think, no, I KNOW I have a PROBLEM!

I did it again! I sat down at my computer to read through my email and check on a few blogs and websites that I love to visit almost everyday, and then....wham....I realize I almost blew threw another HOUR! Where does the time go? This online stuff is addictive!! Do you agree? There are so many wonderful websites and blogs that time just zips away and low and behold I spent more time than I should have peeping into other people's lives. I'm not a peeping tom mind you. They put it on the internet to share ya' know. Anyway, I was just telling that I wasted a wee bit of time and now I'm off to clean the kitchen and put the toys away that collected in the nooks and crevices of the house all day.

Here is a blog that I found which made me want to come along side of them and lift them up in prayer. Please consider praying for this family. The Hall Family.

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Fat & Sassy said...

It's terrible-I know!!! Oh well-what's a crafty girl to do? Love your blog!!!

xoxo Minnie

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