Happy Valentine's Day

February 14th is here and that makes it...Valentine's Day! I don't normally get into this day but having children is making me feel differently about special holidays. So, I made little banners last night and hung them on their bedroom doors with little hearts strung onto ribbon and I just put together these little boxes. You wonder why I used little boxes instead of a bag? Well let me tell you. Mia is in a phase where she collects various things in the house of all shapes and sizes and puts them into containers and boxes. Ashley is starting to do it because she sees her older sister doing it so what better way to help them with their habit than give them bead boxes!!! I have little candies in them now but those will soon be eaten and then they can peruse the house gathering stuff and collect it in the little squares. I'm a genius aren't I? You laugh? Well, they are little and this will be perfect for them today. Honestly.

You all have a wonderful day and I'll be back soon with freebie fun this week. Freebies are always fun aren't they?

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