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I love, love, LOVE doing the custom creations with my customers and I love the stories that I get to hear.   I love hearing about the people for whom each design is destined and I especially love hearing about their reaction when the receive their gift.  I want to share a few stores with you.   

Below is a poem written by Jodi S.

“A custom-made necklace
Especially for you!
Personally, I love it
I know you will too!
It’s made out of love,
Silk and beads too
I had help from an angel
That is watching over you.
Its design is simple
Yet glorious too
With your favorite color purple
That looks magical on you.
Wear it out to lunch
Or a movie or a play
Enjoy this gift of Love
On your Special Day”

The poem accompanied a custom necklace that was designed for my customer’s mother to be presented to her on her birthday.  The design was simple, but incorporated various shades of purple and lilac which is her favorite color.  The lampwork beads have transparent and opaque glass layered and swirled so there is depth in each bead.

Thanks Jodi for giving me the opportunity to be part of such a special day for a special woman.

“Especially For You”


The pictures didn’t turn out very well because I was not patient when I took my pictures before I sent out the package, so I apologize for the quality.

Does anyone else want to share their story?

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Kimberly said...

Gosh Robbon - where would I start. You have designed several for me and all with a different story. Three for my mom and one for my aunt.

The Breast Cancer one is so special because my mom, along with so many other courageous women in our family have been impacted by Breast Cancer. I was able to provide my mom with one of the most beautiful pieces I think you have designed. It brought tears to my eyes when I opened it.

Then there was Healing Waters. Also brings tears to my eyes. It is a symbol of healing and strength that my mom and I were able to gain on our mother/daughter trip to the beach last summer. It represent so much feeling and emotion but yet bring a sense of peace and calm over me everytime I put it on.

My Aunts bracelet was a classic. She is such a support to me and has been for the past 29 years. It was perfect.

You truly are an angel and can create a tangible object based on how all of us are feeling. You are amazing! I can't wait to work on more items with you. I do have an idea... will email you soon about it.

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