Yes, I’m still here

Hasn’t it been forever since I have put anything up on my blog?  Yes, it has!  Thanks for you faithful followers who come back often and check.  My apologies.  The truth is I have been sick since the beginning of January.  No lie.  I hate to admit it and right now I am just plain MAD that I don’t feel better.  Have you ever felt that way?  I have an appointment this week to see a pulmonologist to get some idea of what is going on in my chest.  I feel yucky every day and cough all of the time.  I think of posting each day but I just haven’t been inspired by anything really.  Whah, Whah.  I know. 

So how are all of you?  You have been silent just like me.  Is everyone looking forward to spring coming?  I bet you are.  It is coming.  Yippee!  Does anyone have a fun story or exciting news to share?  Do share if you do. 

I’ve worked on a few custom pieces that were simply spectacular but I sent them out without taking pictures of them.  I was so upset when I realized I sent them out without taking pictures.  I worked with a customer to design a lovely purple necklace and hopefully I have a picture around that I can share with you.  I’ll work on that this week.  I also had a chance to design a pair of earrings that were made with semi-precious gemstones that were stunning.  I’m teasing you aren’t I?  I’ll dig up some pictures to share this week.

That is all for now.  Enjoy your day and I’ll be back soon.

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