Not so fun start to 2010!

Would you believe it that I have pneumonia?  Go figure.    I felt HORRIBLE yesterday and drug myself to see my physician and left with a stack of prescriptions.   I don’t know that I have ever felt this awful even when I had the flu.  Ugh!  The antibiotics have kicked in and I’m feeling better today because I am thinking about  things like food, hygiene, phone calls and of course, ya’ll (my blog).   Well I’m off to the couch to watch the girls enjoy the baby crib mattress on the floor.  No more cribs for us!  Both girls are wearing little ballet outfits over their pajamas and acting like they are gymnasts.  It is a site to behold.

I’ll end this post on a good note to say that my elbow is doing quite well.  I honestly forgot all about my elbow while I was really sick.  

Have a happy day!

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