Happy Groundhog Day

P2028114Isn’t it cute?  Mia made this at preschool yesterday and kept asking me yesterday when “hog day” was coming.  Funny! 

Sorry I've not been around.  I was sick the entire month of January with pneumonia.  Nasty bug to have I tell you.  It humbled me because it left me with no energy and I was so sick that my husband had to do so much to help me around the house and my family brought meals because I was so ill.  Now THAT my friends is humbling when you are used to being self sufficient and in control.  I’m not the best at receiving gifts and this taught me to receive and accept them with gratitude I’ve not experienced before.  Enough.

So, it is now February and I’m thinking of doing a sale on in stock items and a giveaway to kick off my 2010 year now that I have a wee bit more energy.  Anyone in for that?

Be back soon with more details. 

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