Favorite Things Party

So….a few weeks ago, I had the time of my life laughing and being silly at a party.  What kind of party you ask?  Well…it was a “Favorite Things” Party.  I was invited by my sister in law Carrie, who lives three hours away…(yeah),  to attend and bring 5 of the same item that I consider a favorite of mine.  Here is the kicker.  The item couldn’t be more than $6.00.  That made it easier on the bank account.  It took me a few minutes to think about it but I FINALLY knew what to take!  I can’t share it with you because then it would ruin it for my friends when I do the party here.  I know.  What a tease.  There were a ton of women at this party and we laughed so much.  That was so good to laugh. ahhhhhh


Here is what I came home with.

1.  3 glass votive holders (I think they came from Pier One)

2. a Vera Bradley zip ID case

3. a Yankee Candle

4.  a Starbucks gift card (I told the lady sitting next to me if I got that, then God approves of my habit….lol.)  thanks!

5.  a cute little bag full of goodies like solar oil for cuticles, a nail file, gum, a finger nail clipper that catches the clippings, hand sanitizer and more.

Doesn’t that rock?  I just had to share this great idea with you for us ladies who want to party without breaking the bank to share. If you have questions about this, just ask me.  Go forth and share your favorites!  Tell me about it if you have a party.  I’d love to hear about it!

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