Paintings For some reason I have been in the mood to paint.  I’ve had canvases around my home for years and I got this wild desire to use them all of the sudden.  So, I have been painting.  Now, mind you, these are NOT great works of art and were created very quickly, but it has been fun to paint.  I painted the small flower one  while I was cooking the other night.  Voila!  A new piece of art to hang up in my office. 


Favors With Love said...

Great Job Robbon! I love the H. Can you make me a P please?

Deborah said...

WOW, I'm not an artist at all! My daughter is beautiful artist, but that talent came from my brother and her aunt. I gave Penny (my sister in law, the Healing Waters necklace tonight (for her birthday)! Finally...She love it! She has stage 4 cancer tounge and tonsil cancer, in remission, so it means a lot to her! Thanks again. Deborah

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