Full Trash Can

Dinner was a total flop!  I should have known when I found the outdated box of rice that I should just order a pizza.   My can opener decided not to work at ALL (it is now in the trash can) and the onion that I needed to use was mostly mush (it is in the trash can) and when I finally got dinner done and on the table, the pork chops were so salty (I tried a new recipe) I couldn’t even eat it (it is in the trash can).  The girls were picking the little pieces of pilaf out of the rice pilaf saying that they were beans.  UGH!  It was a funny, family dinner for sure.  I just pulled out leftovers out of the refrigerator, from the night before, and that was that.  You know those dinners, the ones that no one will eat?   Oh well.  No, I will not grace you with pictures since it really was THAT BAD!

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Deborah said...

That was funny! We all have those nights, no worries!!

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