Clutter Control - Idea #1

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was drowning in paper clutter.  I tamed some of it into a binder that I have in my house and drag around from here to there as needed. 

I LOVE IT!  I’ll share my idea #1 with you.

It is my Go To binder.  I’ve heard people call it a little black book, a resource book, a command binder.  I just call it my Go To binder.  I have one binder for me and the items in my home that I want to get my hands on quickly and then I have one for my daughter who is in school.  How did I do it?

#1.  I took a three ring binder that I already had in my home

#2.  Purchased two packs of tabs and personalized my tabs

#3.  Then filled it with the appropriate paperwork I had scattered about on my countertops and flat surfaces.

#4.  I printed out a binder cover and spine and slid them into place and now….


Here are the tabs that I have in my binder.  I put them in order of importance to ME.


Meal Planning


Money Matters

Home Improvement




Kids Crafts


I’ll share more of the pages that are in each tab so you can see what I’m working on for 2012 to help me run my home more efficiently.  I’m trying girls, I’m trying!

What works for you and your family?

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