I felt so bad today when I walked out the back door and found a pile of small feathers. I knew exactly what it meant and where the feathers had come from. Ugh! A few weeks ago a little bird decided to make her nest in my ivy topiary on my back deck. By the time I discovered the nest, she already had four eggs in it and I couldn't bear making her leave those eggs so I have anxiously watched out for that nest hoping to keep everything safe. The eggs hatched last week and the babies grew quickly. I was so proud of them that they weren't chirping or being loud because I didn't want them to draw attention. I have no idea how it happened but the nest is now empty and there are feathers around the deck. So very sad! I wish I could have stopped this and feel bad that I couldn't do anything to protect those little lives. I'm a sensitive person so this really upset me. The circle of life doesn't seem fair sometimes.

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