A Mother's Touch Bracelet

A mother's touch is...irreplaceable. It can calm us down when things seem to be falling apart, mend our wounds, and make us feel safe and loved. Too often we take for granted the touch of a mother and don't REALLY cherish it until it is gone.

This bracelet was made for my mother. My father asked me to make a bracelet that he could give to her on their 47th wedding anniversary. A few months after he gave this to her she passed away due to cancer. Her touch will be missed!
I designed this bracelet with her in mind. Since she loved her garden and often wore beautiful pastel colors the lampwork beads were created in a rich, light yellow and a soft pink with flowers on a few of them. Mom only wore gold so I used 14 karat gold and a few vermeil pieces, crystals and freshwater pearls were also used to create this feminine bracelet.

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